How does a CEO make her Kenyan agrifood processing and export company COVID-Ready?

This audio from CEO Yvonne Otieno, shares how her agrifood company, Miyonga Fresh Greens, is coping with the COVID crisis. She details the three strategic steps that she has taken across the business for the immediate response and long term sustainability.

Yvonne starts by asking “what matters to us most?”. And, the answer was clear – “the safety and protection of staff, customers and smallholder farmers”.

As an entrepreneur, shares quickly enrolled in a GSBI crisis management programme to discover new ways businesses might cope. She then undertook a situation analysis and developed an action plan for the way forward.

We are hopeful and we will keep doing our best to support each other.

Yvonne Otieno, CEO of Miyonga Fresh Greens

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Yvonne Otieno is CEO of agrifood processing and export company Miyonga Fresh Greens. Her company’s mission is to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Africa. Her company has worn three international awards for gender and innovation in agriculture, social impact and environmental sustainability. Her focus is in reduction of food waste through farmer certification, value addition and market facilitation.

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