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Systems Change for Sustainable Development

4SD Immersion dates for 2020 will be announced shortly.

  • You are inspired by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’s universal principles and vision of the future for people and planet.
  • You work in contexts that are complex and unpredictable, engaging with many stakeholders and systems.
  • Your responsibilities cut across sectors and disciplines.
  • You seek new ways to tackle complex issues.

It is exciting, absorbing… and not easy!

You want to become more effective as a convenor, curator, enabler and mentor of the people with whom you work. You would like to be accompanied by others with experience who can understand your challenges.

Do you want to become more effective as a convenor, curator, enabler and mentor of the people with whom you work?

Would you like to be accompanied by others with experience who understand your challenges?

4SD can help. Our immersions and network explore and engage with the 2030 Agenda through the lens of ‘Living Systems’. Designed to help you embrace and navigate complexity, cognition, uncertainty and dilemmas, they equip you with the tools to bring about purpose-driven and people-centred change.

During a 4SD 3-day residential Immersion you will examine, and reflect on, the context of your work.

  • You will dive into the world of Living Systems.
  • You will become more aware of your own living system and the living systems in which we all participate.
  • You will realize that this enhances your ability to influence and enable purposeful cooperation.
  • You will develop relevant and effective ways to transform your challenges and to lead meaningful and enduring change.

After the Immersion, you will have the opportunity to engage in a Network of practitioners for regenerative futures where 4SD curates and facilitates further on-line interactions between former participants who learn from and coach each other. 

If you are interested to learn more, let us get in touch with you

Upcoming Immersions

Three-day Immersion on Systems Change for Sustainable Development where participants will acquire and test a range of tools and look at what they do with different eyes.

La Mainaz, Gex


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How much does a 4SD Immersion cost?

We recognize that what is affordable for some can be a financial stretch for others. We therefore offer two prices for the participation in one Immersion and one-year membership of 4SD facilitated Network.

  • Full price: 2’250 CHF
  • Supported price: 1’250 CHF

Who is enabling 4SD Immersions and Network?

David Nabarro
Strategic Director, 4SD
Leadership experience in multilateral organizations; corecipient of the 2018 World Food Prize
John Atkinson
Principal, Phillips Kay Partnership
Specialist in Living Systems who works on complex issues with International Organizations and Governments
Charlotte Dufour
Founder, Narayan
Nutrition and food systems expert; now supporting co-creation and team building. Instructor of Ananda Yoga
Florence Lasbennes
Managing Director, 4SD
Agronomist with extensive experience of working across sectors with multiple stakeholders
Magali Madi
Senior Executive Assistant, 4SD
Extensive experience in international, humanitarian and self-development environments