We want to capture as many perspectives as possible for our pandemic response communications and your community photos and videos could be featured in our next COVID-Ready reel!

We are looking for: General community shots, people with face coverings, washing hands and other hygiene practices, and at home in your community.

Download PDF of full Footage Request List and instructions

Complete this form and follow the link provided to enter the

4SD COVID-Ready Photo Challenge

The country where your footage is taken

By participating in the COVID-Ready Multimedia Challenge and uploading your media here, you agree to allow 4SD to use your media in communications materials related to the COVID-19 response and systems leadership. Your footage will not be used for profit. You will remain the sole owner of your footage.

After submitting this form, you will immediately receive a link to a dropbox folder where you can upload your photos and videos. Please clearly put your name in the description of the file(s) you upload so we can connect the files to you.

If you haven’t already watched our first Being COVID-Ready reel, here it is!

Video production: A very special thanks to Arti Jain, BJ Golnick, Jeffrey Daniels, Derek Owen, Undivided Attention, Brothers Golnick Productions.

With much appreciation to the 4SD community and friends for support in providing subtitles especially our multilingual collaboration with MultiPOD Mentoring.