Shortly after the appointment of Dr David Nabarro as one of six Special Envoys of World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General on COVID-19, David and peers began to publish narratives to help navigate the complexities of the emerging pandemic. To build on these Narratives, David and the 4SD team held the first Open Online Briefing on 25 March 2020.

With the rapidly evolving health, social and economic challenges related to the COVID-19 response, these briefings quickly proved to be valuable moments for sharing and learning and therefore, continued twice per week for the proceeding 3 months. The briefings evolved into a regular, familiar and open spaces for David, the 4SD team and participants to unravel complex challenges and hear about both emerging and persistent issues of concern.

As of 3 July 2020, we have had thirty Open Online Briefings have taken place, supported by:

This first series ends on Thursday 9 July 2020 after thirty-two sessions – having had participants join from around the world including Canada, Nigeria, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Ghana, Ireland, The Gambia, United Kingdom, Egypt, Chile, Mexico, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland, where 4SD is based.

It is now a time to reflect, but also to plan ahead on what a future series of Open Online Briefings might look like. We are inviting you to tell us what you enjoyed and what you would like to see more of in the future.